The 5 cheapest cars you find in Peru

These days buying a vehicle has become more of a necessity than a luxury, not only to be transported to the office, but in many cases it is the main tool to work, so its acquisition is important.

This has made the number of available models increase considerably

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Which only benefits consumers, since they have more options to choose from and not limit themselves in terms of features or prices. Currently, you can find a cheap car in Peru that suits you for less than ten thousand dollars, which added to a good and convenient vehicle credit, results in monthly fees that do not affect your budget.

So whether it is the purchase of the first car or the renewal of the old one, the important thing is that if you do not have much cash, do not be discouraged, because in the

Peruvian market there is an alternative for all budgets.

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According to some source, these are the 5 cheapest cars in the country:

1. Suzuki Alto 800

2. Chery New QQ

3. Chevrolet Spark GT


5. Kia Picanto

These models correspond to relatively small cars, but with capacity for up to five people and in different versions. They are equal? The truth is that each one has a different purpose and other details that show that these are two different products. Ideally, compare at least four offers before selecting. You can use web comparators to avoid going through all banks. In the case of vehicle insurance, the coverage is different since they are created for different needs: All risk, Total loss, Vehicle assistance, etc. On the contrary, vehicle insurance is optional and many people drive without it, risking an accident and having to leave their pocket money. Check if it is the option that suits you and do not be discouraged, since there is a model for each profile.


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